Chapter 14

Playing Video on the Chromebook


Bullet Exploring video on Chromebook

Bullet Using the Chromebook video player and the VLC app

Bullet Viewing videos taken with your smartphone on your Chromebook

Bullet Watching movies and TV shows on Google TV

Bullet Checking out the potential of YouTube

Bullet Getting into gaming on your Chromebook

Watching videos used to be relegated to televisions and video playback devices like VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray players. However, thanks to the prevalence of high-speed internet access, powerful computers, and wireless broadband, the internet has become a primary delivery mechanism for streaming video content of all kinds.

Streaming video has become one of the major uses of internet bandwidth in the 21st century. Recent statistics show 91.9 percent of internet users watch video content every week, and 93.5 percent of internet users stream TV content each month. More than 2.6 ...

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