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Cinema 4D Apprentice

Book Description

New to CINEMA 4D and looking for an accessible way to get up to speed quickly? Do you already know the basics of the software but need to know the new features or take your skills and understanding a little deeper? If so, look no further than CINEMA 4D Apprentice, your one-stop shop for learning this powerful application. With guidance that takes you beyond just the button-pushing, author Kent McQuilkin guides you through 10 core lessons, starting with the basics before moving onto more complex techniques and concepts and then tying it all together with a final project.

CINEMA 4D Apprentice walks you through the software with a project-based approach, allowing you to put lessons learned into immediate practice. Best practices and workflows for motion graphics artists that can be applied to any software application are included. A companion website (www.focalpress.com/cw/mcquilkin) features project files and videos of the techniques in action.

Topics covered include:

  • creating basic scenes,
  • modeling, texture mapping
  • mograph in-depth
  • integration with After Effects via CINEWARE
  • lighting, animation, rendering and more
  • motion tracking with the new tools included in R16

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Getting Started
  7. Pre-Roll
    1. Exploring the World of CINEMA 4D
      1. CINEMA 4D scene
      2. command groups
      3. command palettes
      4. object manager
      5. attribute, coordinate, and material managers
      6. layer manager and content browser
      7. viewport
      8. view menu and cameras menu
      9. display menu and options menu
      10. filter tab and panel menu
      11. project settings
      12. preferences
      13. menus
      14. new in R16! motion tracker menu
  8. Cameras in CINEMA 4D
    1. Coming to grips with cameras
      1. camera basics
      2. animating the camera
      3. camera switching using the stage object
      4. rendering the scene
      5. animating cameras using paths and targets
      6. stereoscopic cameras in CINEMA 4D
  9. Modeling Basics
    1. Working with the basic building blocks
      1. polygonal modeling
      2. bevel tool
      3. extrude tool
      4. axis center tool
      5. sublime splines
      6. extrude nurbs
      7. sweep nurbs
      8. loft nurbs
      9. boolean modeling
      10. spline masks
      11. lathe nurbs
  10. Materials
    1. Getting the most out of custom materials and C4D internal Shaders
      1. starting out with materials
      2. creating set selections
      3. stick texture tag
      4. cubic solution
      5. brick shader
      6. shader central
      7. grass shader
      8. pavement shader
      9. bump channel
      10. displacement channel
      11. planet Shaders
      12. danel and tiling Shaders
      13. mabel Shader
      14. layer Shader
      15. shading an interior scene
      16. BodyPaint
  11. Lights
    1. Lighting from A to Z
      1. lighting basics
      2. shadow maps
      3. hard shadows
      4. area shadows
      5. inverse volumetrics
      6. infinite lights
      7. area lights
      8. ies lights
      9. lighting an exterior scene
      10. lighting an interior scene
      11. ambient occlusion
      12. global illumination
      13. lighting an interior scene with gi
      14. lighting a product with traditional techniques
      15. image-based lighting
      16. creating a gi lighting rig
  12. Animation
    1. Animation basics
      1. getting started with animation
      2. animation preferences
      3. editing keyframes
      4. animation paths/advanced power slider
      5. animation timeline
      6. editing animation with f-curves
      7. animating materials
      8. looping animation
      9. motion clips
      10. align to spline
      11. rail splines
      12. point level animation
      13. animation layers
      14. old fashioned motion graphics
  13. Rendering
    1. 3D to 2D
      1. rendering the viewport
      2. interactive render region
      3. picture viewer
      4. render settings
      5. anti-aliasing
      6. options
      7. ambient occlusion
      8. caustics
      9. cel rendering
      10. depth of field
      11. highlights
      12. vector motion blur
      13. global illumination
      14. multi-pass rendering
      15. physical render engine
      16. physical camera
      17. sketch and toon
      18. team render
  14. MoGraph
    1. Motion graphics and beyond
      1. cloners
      2. mograph selections
      3. parameters tab
      4. random effector
      5. plain effector
      6. target effector
      7. inheritance effector
      8. shader effector
      9. sound effector
      10. mograph objects and deformers
      11. fracture object
      12. tracer object
      13. mospline object
      14. polyfx
  15. Video Integration
    1. CINEWARE, After Effects, and motion tracking
      1. cineware
      2. multi-pass in cineware
      3. extracting 3D data
      4. camera tracking in after effects
      5. exporting 3D cameras from after effects to c4d
      6. multi-pass to create a shadow catcher in after effects
      7. compositing and external compositing tags
      8. combining imagery with cg
      9. matte object/object buffers
      10. using the composite tag with cineware
      11. motion tracker
      12. importing footage into motion tracker
      13. performing the 2D tracking solve
      14. 3D tracking solve and creation of camera
      15. importing 3D elements
      16. using the lighting tool
  16. Visual Effects in C4D
    1. Dynamics, character creation, and more
      1. rigid body tag
      2. dynamics and mograph
      3. soft body tag
      4. cloth engine
      5. using vertex maps to weight cloth
      6. wind and cloth dynamics to turn the page
      7. particles
      8. pyrocluster
      9. character modeling via the sculpt tool
      10. using masks in the sculpt tool
      11. using stamps in the sculpt tool
      12. baking displacement and normal maps
      13. hair and fur
      14. character rigging with the character object
      15. weight tool
      16. pose morph tag
  17. Final Project
    1. Using MoGraph along with dynamics to create a broadcast intro
      1. part 1: modeling, texturing, and prepping
      2. creating trade floor displays
      3. creating the city buildings
      4. a look at the MoGraph…graph
      5. wall street
      6. part 2: animation via MoGraph
      7. part 3: staging and rendering
  18. Index