CIO Wisdom: Best Practices from Silicon Valley's Leading IT Experts

Book description

What it takes to be a truly great CIO... from the IT leaders who know best

What does it take to get to the top in IT today, stay there, and thrive? How do you realign IT to maximize business value, and become a full strategic partner in the organization's most crucial decisions? CIO Wisdom brings together answers from 20 of the world's most successful senior IT executives. Based on their extraordinary private discussions over the past five years, it covers every facet of IT leadership: planning, budgeting, sourcing, architecture, strategy, and much more. If you're an IT leader-or you intend to become one-it's the most important book you'll read this year.

  • What really works right now

  • Taking charge: Creating a 90-day tactical plan-and an intelligent long-term strategy

  • Refocusing IT on your company's core business drivers

  • Leading IT in today's rapidly evolving "extended enterprise"

  • Deciding what to outsource-and managing your outsourcing relationships

  • Implementing the ten metrics most critical to IT success

  • Setting priorities when infrastructure costs are rising and resources are declining

  • Evolving the leadership style that works best for you-and your organization

  • Coping with the incredible personal pressures of IT leadership

  • Addressing the unique challenges that face women in IT's upper echelons

  • The authors' profits from this book will support a scholarship program for underprivileged students planning IT careers

    Product information

    • Title: CIO Wisdom: Best Practices from Silicon Valley's Leading IT Experts
    • Author(s): Dean Lane
    • Release date: July 2003
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 0131411152