Chapter 18img

For this exercise, you will need:

  • A computer (desktop, laptop, or notebook or iPad)
  • Resources that you either create (a series of pictures or videos you intend to capture) or download (images and artwork with appropriate licensing)
  • Software that makes the work easy and fun

People get excited when they see your story delivered with a semiprofessional level of polish. It's almost embarrassing how just a little bit of effort can turn your organizational audience into gushing fans who are convinced of your genius.

You can create digital stories individually or as a team activity. That is, you might simply choose to work alone to deliver an exciting presentation of a story you wish to present to the organization.

However, it is also a lot of fun to task your team with the challenge of rendering its story as a movie, comic book, or photo book. Imagine a training day or corporate retreat where you equip everyone with the technology and software tool (such as iPads loaded with Apple iMovie video creation software), and task them with using the software to create a story for an evening presentation. I have a colleague at a Silicon Valley software organization that had an “organizational ...

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