Chapter 11PEEC Models for Magnetic Material

11.1 Inclusion of Problems with Magnetic Materials

Models with magnetic materials can be a part of many different interesting PEEC solutions. This leads to a different class of issues. In some structures, magnetic bodies may be a small part of the overall problem. Examples are a small inductor on a chip, a filter on a printed circuit board (PCB), or a microwave filter. On the other hand, substantial parts of a problem can consist of magnetic materials. Other examples are parts of a motor or a very large transformer. Different solution approaches are necessary to cover such a wide range of problems. Hence, different models may be used to include magnetic materials in partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) models.

The first approach considered in Section 11.1 deals with magnetically closed loops such that the magnetic part may be treated separately from the rest of the problem. For this class of problems, the solution may result in a simpler model. We consider how such a model is applied in a PEEC environment. In fact, integrating such a part may be very simple since it can be included as circuit models. The second class of problems consists predominantly of magnetic materials, where most of the solution is based on magnetic materials.

11.1.1 Magnetic Circuits for Closed Flux Type Class of Problems

We first consider perhaps one of the oldest solution methods for magnetic problems, which was and still is applied, including many situations ...

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