Chapter 12. Measurements That Test Your Circuits and Projects

Chapter 11 looks at several different kinds of test instruments used in electronics; this chapter puts those instruments to work, assuming only that you have the basic equipment: multimeter, power supply, and function generator. The tasks in this chapter are short experiments designed to familiarize you with each technique. You'll then be ready to use your test equipment in the many ways that circuitbuilding requires.

The multimeter used in this chapter is assumed to be an inexpensive digital multimeter. These are widely available and are the usual first choice of experimenters and circuitbuilders like you. If you have a fancier model, the procedures will be the same. If you have an analog multimeter (the kind that uses a moving needle), you won't be able to read the numbers directly, but the measurements are similar. Spend some time with the operating manual for either type of meter to be sure you're familiar with its controls before beginning.

All these tasks except measuring period and frequency can be performed with advanced equipment, such as the oscilloscope. Regardless of whether you're using the basic or the advanced equipment, the stuff between your ears is the most important test instrument of all!

Making Measurements ...

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