Chapter 2. Management, Planning, and Organization of IS

Key concepts you will need to understand:

  • ✓ Components of IS strategies, policies, standards, and procedures

  • ✓ Processes for the development, deployment, and maintenance of IS strategies, policies, standards, and procedures

  • ✓ IS project-management strategies and policies

  • ✓ IT governance, risk management, and control frameworks

  • ✓ IS problem- and change-management strategies and policies

  • ✓ IS quality-management strategies and policies

  • ✓ IS information security-management strategies and policies

  • ✓ IS business continuity–management strategies and policies

  • ✓ Contracting strategies, processes, and contract-management practices

  • ✓ Roles and responsibilities of IS functions (for example, segregation of duties) ...

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