10-2. redistribute protocol metric metric

Syntax Description:

  • protocol— Routes learned via protocol will be redistributed into BGP.

  • metric— Metric to assign to the redistributed routes. The value is in the range of 0 to 4294967295.

Purpose: To redistribute routes into BGP that have been learned via a routing protocol other than BGP. The metric value is assigned to the metric or multi-exit discriminator (MED) of the new BGP route. Routes can be redistributed from connected, dvmrp, egp, eigrp, igrp, isis, iso-igrp, mobile, odr, ospf, rip, and static.

Cisco IOS Software Release: 10.0

Configuration Example: Redistributing Connected, Static, and EIGRP Learned Routes into BGP

In Figure 10-2, Router C is advertising and to ...

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