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Cisco CCENT ICND1 100-101 Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack

Book Description

Cisco Press has the only Self-Study Guides Approved by Cisco for the New CCENT Certification.  The New Edition of this Best-Selling Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack is Completely Updated and includes Practice Questions, Flash Cards, and Reference Sheets for all Topics Covered in the New Exams.

Note that this eBook version of the print book does not contain access to the Cert Flash Cards Online application nor to the Practice Test application that come with the print product.

Are you ready to take the ICND1 exam for the CCENT certification?  You’ve learned the concepts, you have the experience to put them to real-world use, and now you want to practice, practice, practice until exam time. The Cisco CCENT 100-101 Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack contains more than 500 flash cards and quick reference sheets. Cisco CCENT 100-101 Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack eBook version gives you two methods of proven, late-stage exam preparation in one package.

Flash Cards

More than 450 flash cards in print.

Quick Reference Sheets

All exam topics are covered for a quick review and refresh in more than 100 graphical quick reference sheets.