• LANE provides an emulated IEEE 802.3 Ethernet or IEEE 802.5 Token Ring network over an ATM network. You can use LANE to transport traditional LANs over an ATM backbone or an ATM WAN cloud.

  • LANE uses the concept of emulated LANs, or ELANs, to segment traffic into logical networks within the ATM domain.

  • LANE consists of several logical components, each configured on a router, switch, or an ATM switch:

    - LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS)— The central administrative control point for all ELANs in a domain. The LECS keeps a database of ELANs and the ATM addresses of the LANE servers that control each ELAN. (Each administrative domain has only one LECS.)
    - LAN Emulation Server (LES)— The central control point for all LANE Clients ...

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