5-4. WAN Interfaces

  • The Catalyst 5000 and 6000 series switches offer support for WAN interfaces to be added to the switch chassis.

  • WAN interfaces are only known to the Layer 3 switching processor and must be configured from an IOS interface.

  • The 5000 series switch allows for the addition of a RSM/VIP2 card, which can provide support for a variety of port adapter modules (PAMs) for WAN connectivity.

  • The 6000 series switch supports a FlexWAN card, which provides support for a variety of WAN PAMs for WAN connectivity.

  • In addition to the FlexWAN card, the 6000 series switch offers a variety of optical services modules, which can be connected to high-speed optical networks.


WAN interfaces enable users to connect to remote services from the ...

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