6-6. Private VLANs

  • Private VLANs allow for additional security between devices in a common subnet.

  • Private edge VLANs can be configured to prevent connectivity between devices on access switches.

  • Private VLANs can be configured on the Catalyst 6000 and Catalyst 4000 series products.

  • Within a private VLAN, you can isolate devices to prevent connectivity between devices within the isolated VLAN.

  • Within a private VLAN, communities can be created to allow connection between some devices and to prevent them from communicating with others.

  • Promiscuous ports are mapped to private VLANs to allow for connectivity to VLANs outside of this network.

Configuring Private VLANs

Private VLANs provide a mechanism to control which devices can communicate within a single ...

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