show lane

To display detailed information for all the LANE components configured on an interface or any of its subinterfaces, on a specified subinterface, or on an emulated LAN, use the show lane EXEC command.

show lane [interface atm slot/port[.subinterface-number] | name elan-name] [brief] (for the AIP on the Cisco7500 series routers; for the ATM port adapter on the Cisco 7200 series)

show lane [interface atm slot/port-adapter/port[. subinterface-number] | name elan- name][brief] (for the ATM port adapter on the Cisco 7500 series routers)

show lane [interface atm number[subinterface-number] | name elan-name] [brief] (for the Cisco4500 and4700 routers)

Syntax Description
interface atm slot / port (Optional) ATM interface slot and ...

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