Using SNMP to Modify a Router’s Running Configuration


You want to use SNMP to either download or modify a router’s configuration.


To upload or download a current copy of your router’s configuration file to a TFTP server via SNMP, you have to first configure the router for read-write SNMP access:

Router#configure terminal 
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)#snmp-server community ORARW rw

To download the current configuration file, you will need to create an empty file on your TFTP server. In this case, we assume a Unix server, although TFTP server software is available for essentially every popular operating system. Then you can send an SNMP command to the router to trigger the TFTP download:

Freebsd% touch /tftpboot/router.cfg
Freebsd% chmod 666 /tftpboot/router.cfg
Freebsd% snmpset –v1 -c ORARW Router . s router.cfg
enterprises. = "router.cfg"

You can use SNMP to trigger the router to upload a configuration file from your TFTP server via SNMP as follows:

Freebsd% echo "no ip source-route" > /tftpboot/new.cfg
Freebsd% echo "end" >> /tftpboot/new.cfg
Freebsd% chmod 666 /tftpboot/new.cfg
Freebsd% snmpset –v1 -c ORARW Router . s new.cfg
enterprises. = "new.cfg"
Freebsd% snmpset –v1 -c ORARW Router . i 1
enterprises. = 1


The ability to extract or modify your ...

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