Chapter 10. Configuring Weighted Random Early Detection

This chapter describes the tasks for configuring Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) and Distributed WRED (DWRED) on a router. To locate documentation of related commands, you can search online at

The WRED feature is supported on these Cisco router platforms:

  • Cisco 1600 series

  • Cisco 2500 series

  • Cisco 3600 series

  • Cisco 4000 series (including 4500 and 4700 series)

  • Cisco 7200 series

  • Cisco 7500 series with RSP interface card

The DWRED feature is only supported on Cisco 7000 series routers with a Route Switch Processor-based RSP7000 interface processor and Cisco 7500 series routers with a Versatile Interface Processor-based VIP2-40 or greater interface processor. A VIP2-50 interface ...

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