Appendix A. Answers to End of Chapter Exercises

Answers to Chapter 1 Review Questions

1 What is the pps rate for a 100BaseX network? Calculate it for the minimum and maximum frame sizes.

Because all of the bit time values are one tenth that of 10 Mbps Ethernet, the pps for 100 Mbps Ethernet is 10 times the 10 Mbps pps values. So Fast Ethernet supports up to 148,800 pps for 64 byte frames and 8,120 pps for 1518 byte frames.

2 What are the implications of mixing half-duplex and full-duplex devices? How do you do it?

You need to ensure that your full-duplex devices attach to full-duplex hubs. Otherwise, the full-duplex devices need to run in half-duplex mode. Always attach full duplex together and half duplex together.

Another issue concerns bandwidth. ...

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