Cisco LAN Switching Video Mentor

Video description

More than six hours of personal video instruction on Cisco Catalyst Switching configuration tasks!

Cisco LAN Switching Video Mentoris a series of short instructional videos that demonstrate how to accomplish some of the most common configuration and troubleshooting tasks on the Catalyst platforms and how to verify that the network is working correctly.

The individual videos consist of audio instruction, animations, and switch CLI video screencasts. Each video lab presents detailed objectives, lab diagrams, and video captures. Audio instruction throughout offers detailed explanations, tips, and shortcuts. Video screencasts of the switch CLI sessions demonstrate command entry, configuration techniques, and device response.

The video labs cover the following topics:

Initial Configuration
Accessing the Switch through Console, Telnet, and SSH
Configuring User Authentication
Managing System Files
Setting Up Logging
Configuring SNMP
Setting Up VLANs
Configuring IEEE 802.1Q
Setting Up Spanning-Tree
Configuring STP Features
Configuring Interface Characteristics
Configuring Special VLANs
Configuring Enhanced Security Features
Configuring Port Based Traffic Control
Configuring Layer 3 Ports
Configuring Etherchannel and Link-State Tracking
Configuring IP unicast Routing
Configuring HSRP
Using Enhanced Object Tracking
Configuring Security and Control using ACLs
Using Debug

Product information

  • Title: Cisco LAN Switching Video Mentor
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2009
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 9781587203138