5.1. EIGRP Terms and Features

Some of the key capabilities that make EIGRP stand out from other routing protocols include:

  • Fast convergence

  • Variable-length subnet masking (VLSM) support

  • Partial update capability

  • Multiple network layer protocol support through the use of Protocol Dependant Modules (PDMs)

I am sure that you have heard those terms before. I would like to look at some of the other advanced things that you can do with EIGRP—things you can't do with most other protocols:

  • Performing unequal-cost load balancing

  • Configuring the stub router

  • Performing WAN link optimization

  • Changing the metric calculation

Before we can do all of these very cool things, I have to go through how EIGRP works and the processes it uses to perform tasks. First, I ...

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