Chapter 2: Switching Basics

In This Chapter

check.png Viewing the switch’s location in the OSI model

check.png Seeing how a switch forwards traffic

check.png Booting your switch into operation

check.png Connecting client devices to your switch

Previous chapters in this book explain where switches fit into the overall structure of the enterprise environment. In this chapter and the remainder of this minibook, you are introduced to advanced configuration of the switch.

In particular, this chapter covers how the switch functions in the OSI network model, as well as the methods the switch uses to forward traffic. You also look at the following:

The benefits of the full duplex operation

How a switch can speed up traffic over the operation of a hub

The power-up process of the switch and what all of the status lights on the front of the unit mean

The process of connecting client devices to the switch

The next chapter in Book III walks you through the configuration process, and the rest of the chapters in this minibook take you through the configuration process, both the basic configuration and some of the advanced ...

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