Chapter 4: Building a Cisco Wireless Network

In This Chapter

check.png Introducing a wireless local area network

check.png Simplifying with Wireless LAN Controllers

check.png Getting the lowdown on Lightweight Access Point Protocol

check.png Setting up a wireless LAN

As a network support professional, you need to understand which components make up a standard Cisco wireless network. Earlier chapters in this book show how to do some of the basic configurations for a wireless network. This chapter focuses on the management and configuration of a wireless network based on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. I show you how to deploy standalone or controller-based access points and what you need to do to deploy either wireless infrastructure. Along the way, I prepare you to make your deployment decisions by providing you with an overview of the components and letting you know how they work together. With this information, you can make informed choices for your network.

tip.eps Although this chapter just touches on the configuration for ...

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