Chapter 6. Administrative Distance

distance administrative-distance

Syntax Description:

  • administrative-distance—The supplied value will be applied to the administrative distance of all OSPF routes in the local routing table. The default administrative distance for OSPF routes is 110.

Purpose: If a router has learned about a network from more than one routing protocol, then the administrative distance is used to select the best route. The best route is the route that will be installed in the IP routing table. It is the route with the lowest administrative distance. The default administrative distances for the IP routing protocols are as follows:

  • connected—0

  • static—1

  • EBGP—20

  • EIGRP—90

  • IGRP—100

  • OSPF—110

  • IS-IS—115

  • RIP—120

  • IBGP—200

Initial Cisco IOS Software Release ...

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