Chapter 21. debug Commands

debug ip ospf adj

Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments.

Purpose: To display information regarding the formation of an OSPF neighbor relationship. If an OSPF neighbor relationship is not being formed between two routers, this command can be used to determine the problem.

Example 1: Displaying the Successful Formation of an OSPF Adjacency

The following is representative output from the debug ip ospf adj EXEC command for a successful configuration. The EXEC command clear ip ospf process is used to clear the existing adjacency.

r6#debug ip ospf adj
OSPF adjacency events debugging is on
r6#clear ip ospf process
Reset ALL OSPF processes? [no]: yes r6# 6w3d: OSPF: Interface Loopback0 going Down 6w3d: OSPF: address ...

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