Chapter 2. Interface Configuration

This chapter presents background and configuration information for the following router interfaces:

2-1: Ethernet Interfaces

2-2: FDDI Interfaces

2-3: Loopback and Null Interfaces

2-4: VLAN Interfaces

2-5: Tunnel Interfaces

2-6: Synchronous Serial Interfaces

2-7: Packet-Over-Sonet Interfaces

2-8: Frame Relay Interfaces

2-9: Frame Relay Switching

2-10: ATM Interfaces

2-1 Ethernet Interfaces

• All Ethernet interfaces are based on the IEEE 802.3 standard. Fast Ethernet is based on the IEEE 802.3u standard, and Gigabit Ethernet is based on the IEEE 802.3z standard.

• Ethernet interfaces support 10 Mbps media with AUI or 10BaseT connections.

• Fast Ethernet interfaces support 10/100 Mbps media ...

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