Cisco Router Firewall Security

Book Description

Harden perimeter routers with Cisco firewall functionality and features to ensure network security

  • Detect and prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks with TCP Intercept, Context-Based Access Control (CBAC), and rate-limiting techniques

  • Use Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) to detect and filter unwanted and malicious traffic

  • Use router authentication to prevent spoofing and routing attacks

  • Activate basic Cisco IOS filtering features like standard, extended, timed, lock-and-key, and reflexive ACLs to block various types of security threats and attacks, such as spoofing, DoS, Trojan horses, and worms

  • Use black hole routing, policy routing, and Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) to protect against spoofing attacks

  • Apply stateful filtering of traffic with CBAC, including dynamic port mapping

  • Use Authentication Proxy (AP) for user authentication

  • Perform address translation with NAT, PAT, load distribution, and other methods

  • Implement stateful NAT (SNAT) for redundancy

  • Use Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to protect against basic types of attacks

  • Obtain how-to instructions on basic logging and learn to easily interpret results

  • Apply IPSec to provide secure connectivity for site-to-site and remote access connections

  • Read about many, many more features of the IOS firewall for mastery of router security

  • The Cisco IOS firewall offers you the feature-rich functionality that you've come to expect from best-of-breed firewalls: address translation, authentication, encryption, stateful filtering, failover, URL content filtering, ACLs, NBAR, and many others. Cisco Router Firewall Security teaches you how to use the Cisco IOS firewall to enhance the security of your perimeter routers and, along the way, take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that is part of the Cisco IOS Software package.

    Each chapter in Cisco Router Firewall Security addresses an important component of perimeter router security. Author Richard Deal explains the advantages and disadvantages of all key security features to help you understand when they should be used and includes examples from his personal consulting experience to illustrate critical issues and security pitfalls. A detailed case study is included at the end of the book, which illustrates best practices and specific information on how to implement Cisco router security features.

    Whether you are looking to learn about firewall security or seeking how-to techniques to enhance security in your Cisco routers, Cisco Router Firewall Security is your complete reference for securing the perimeter of your network.

    This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. About the Author
      1. About the Technical Editors
    5. Dedications
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Contents at a Glance
    8. Table of Contents
    9. Icons Used in This Book
    10. Command Syntax Conventions
    11. Introduction
      1. Goals and Methods
      2. Who Should Read This Book?
      3. How This Book Is Organized
      4. Additional Information
    12. Part I: Security Overview and Firewalls
      1. Chapter 1. Security Threats
        1. Planning for Security
        2. Causes of Security Problems
        3. Types of Security Threats
        4. Categories of Threats
        5. Security Solutions
        6. Summary
      2. Chapter 2. Introduction to Firewalls
        1. Firewall Overview
        2. Controlling Traffic and the OSI Reference Model
        3. Firewall Categories
        4. Firewall Design
        5. Cisco IOS Security
        6. Summary
    13. Part II: Managing Access to Routers
      1. Chapter 3. Accessing a Router
        1. Types of Authentication
        2. Methods of User EXEC Access
        3. Privileged EXEC Access
        4. Other Access Items
        5. Example Configuration
        6. Summary
      2. Chapter 4. Disabling Unnecessary Services
        1. Disabling Global Services
        2. Disabling Interface Services
        3. Manual Configuration Example of Disabling Services on a Perimeter Router
        4. AutoSecure
        5. Summary
      3. Chapter 5. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
        1. AAA Overview
        2. Authentication
        3. Authorization
        4. Accounting
        5. Secure Copy
        6. Summary
    14. Part III: Nonstateful Filtering Technologies
      1. Chapter 6. Access List Introduction
        1. Access List Overview
        2. Basic ACL Configuration
        3. Wildcard Masks
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 7. Basic Access Lists
        1. Types of ACLs
        2. Additional ACL Features
        3. Protection Against Attacks
        4. Blocking Unnecessary Services
        5. Summary
    15. Part IV: Stateful and Advanced Filtering Technologies
      1. Chapter 8. Reflexive Access Lists
        1. Overview of Reflexive ACLs
        2. Configuring Reflexive ACLs
        3. Reflexive ACL Examples
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 9. Context-Based Access Control
        1. Cisco IOS Firewall Features
        2. CBAC Functions
        3. Operation of CBAC
        4. Supported Protocols for CBAC
        5. CBAC Performance
        6. CBAC Limitations
        7. CBAC Configuration
        8. CBAC Examples
        9. Summary
      3. Chapter 10. Filtering Web and Application Traffic
        1. Java Applets
        2. URL Filtering
        3. Network-Based Application Recognition
        4. Summary
    16. Part V: Address Translation and Firewalls
      1. Chapter 11. Address Translation
        1. Address Translation Overview
        2. How Address Translation Works
        3. Address Translation Configuration
        4. NAT and CBAC Example
        5. Summary
      2. Chapter 12. Address Translation Issues
        1. Embedded Addressing Information
        2. Controlling Address Translation
        3. Address Translation and Redundancy
        4. Traffic Distribution with Server Load Balancing
        5. Summary
    17. Part VI: Managing Access Through Routers
      1. Chapter 13. Lock-and-Key Access Lists
        1. Lock-and-Key Overview
        2. Lock-and-Key Configuration
        3. Lock-and-Key Example
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 14. Authentication Proxy
        1. Introduction to AP
        2. AP Configuration
        3. Verifying and Troubleshooting AP
        4. AP Examples
        5. Summary
      3. Chapter 15. Routing Protocol Protection
        1. Static and Black Hole Routing
        2. Interior Gateway Protocol Security
        3. BGP Security
        4. Reverse-Path Forwarding (Unicast Traffic)
        5. Summary
    18. Part VII: Detecting and Preventing Attacks
      1. Chapter 16. Intrusion-Detection System
        1. IDS Introduction
        2. IDS Signatures
        3. Cisco Router IDS Solution
        4. IDS Configuration
        5. IDS Example
        6. Summary
      2. Chapter 17. DoS Protection
        1. Detecting DoS Attacks
        2. CEF Switching
        3. TCP Intercept
        4. CBAC and DoS Attacks
        5. Rate Limiting
        6. Summary
      3. Chapter 18. Logging Events
        1. Basic Logging
        2. Time and Date and the Cisco IOS
        3. Embedded Syslog Manager
        4. Additional Logging Information
        5. Summary
    19. Part VIII: Virtual Private Networks
      1. Chapter 19. IPSec Site-to-Site Connections
        1. IPSec Preparation
        2. IKE Phase 1: Management Connection
        3. IKE Phase 1 Peer Authentication
        4. IKE Phase 2: Data Connection
        5. IPSec Connection Troubleshooting
        6. L2L Example
        7. Summary
      2. Chapter 20. IPSec Remote-Access Connections
        1. Remote Access Overview
        2. IPSec Remote-Access Connection Process
        3. IPSec Remote-Access EVS Setup
        4. IPSec Remote Access Example
        5. Summary
    20. Part IX: Case Study
      1. Chapter 21. Case Study
        1. Company Profile
        2. Proposal
        3. Case Study Configuration
        4. Summary
    21. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Cisco Router Firewall Security
    • Author(s): Richard A. Deal
    • Release date: August 2004
    • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
    • ISBN: 1587051753