Chapter 5

1: List the three classes of integration and coexistence strategies presented in this chapter.
A1: Answer: Dual stack, tunneling, protocol translation mechanism
2: Describe the dual-stack approach.
A2: Answer: Dual stack is a way for nodes on a network to handle and use the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols simultaneously.
3: What type of Ethernet frame is made by IPv6-only applications on nodes?
A3: Answer: The Ethernet frame used is 0x86DD in the protocol-ID field instead of 0x0800 for IPv4.
4: How do IPv4- and IPv6-enabled applications choose the IP stack when both IPv6 and IPv4 stacks are available?
A4: Answer:

The end user can enter either the IPv4 or IPv6 address.

The node can use the naming service (DNS) to select the stack.

5: Which type of address ...

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