Chapter 6

1: What command enables IPv6 on Windows XP?
A1: Answer: The command ipv6 install in the DOS shell enables IPv6 on Windows XP. The netsh interface ipv6 install command may also be applied on Windows XP.
2: What command lists all the pseudo-interfaces on Windows 2000 and Windows NT?
A2: Answer: ipv6 if
3: For the Microsoft Windows platforms listed in the following table, specify the pseudo-interface numbers defined for each type of interface.
Type of InterfaceWindows XPWindows 2000Windows NT
Configured tunnel   
A3: Answer:
Type of InterfaceWindows XPWindows 2000Windows NT
Configured tunnelVariable22
4: What command assigns the static IPv6 address fec0:0:0:1::1 to pseudo-interface 4 on Microsoft Windows XP?

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