IPv6 on Solaris

Solaris 8 was the first Solaris release containing the IPv6 protocol as a supported feature on all hardware platforms. IPv6 support was available on previous releases of Solaris, but for testing purposes only. Sun Microsystems was one of the leading manufacturers to provide an IPv6 implementation in the early stages of the IPv6 design.

Internetworking Solaris with IPv6

The Solaris implementation includes IPv6 applications, utilities, and tools such as Telnet, TFTP, ping, traceroute, netstat, route, nslookup, NIS, NIS+, ifconfig, snoop, getent, ndd, inetd, printing, rcp, rsh, rlogin, rdist, and rdate. These IPv6-enabled applications are integrated in Solaris 8's standard directories, allowing nodes based on this operating system ...

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