Case Study: Internetworking IPv6 Hosts with Cisco

Complete the following exercises to practice the skills you learned in this chapter. You will configure Solaris, Windows, and FreeBSD with IPv6 support to interact with a Cisco router.


In the following exercises, you will complete these tasks:

  • Enabling IPv6 and stateless autoconfiguration on the network interfaces on Cisco

  • Assigning static IPv6 addresses to interfaces of a Cisco router

  • Turning off router advertisement on Cisco

  • Adding a default IPv6 route on Cisco

  • Enabling stateless autoconfiguration on Solaris

  • Assigning a static IPv6 address to an interface and adding a default IPv6 router on Solaris

  • Enabling and setting a configured tunnel interface on Cisco

  • Enabling and setting 6to4 support ...

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