HP 3PAR Storage connectivity of the Cisco UCS B-Series Server

In this recipe, we will learn the concept of how to set up the HP 3PAR 7200 Storage connectivity of the Cisco UCS B-Series Server.

Getting ready

We assume that each Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect is connected to one core SAN Switch (Brocade DS-300B). Each SAN Switch is connected to an HP 3PAR 7200 Storage by two FC uplinks. This storage has two controllers, and each one has two FC ports (P1 and P2). Microsoft Windows 2008 is installed (local drive) in the Cisco B200 M3 Blade Server, which is located in the UCS 5108 Chassis. This B200 M3 has two vHBA (Virtual Host Bus Adapter) pre-defined in the UCS service profile; Microsoft Windows 2008 can boot up successfully from this service profile. ...

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