170 Chapter 6: Cisco Unified Communications System Maintenance
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you have learned about real-time and historical monitoring tools, Subscriber and
System reports, and maintenance practices. In particular, you have learned how to do the
Describe Cisco Unity real-time monitoring tools
Use the real-time monitoring tools appropriately
Use Status Monitor
Describe how to use the Status Monitor program
Describe effective Cisco Unity maintenance procedures
Use Subscriber reports to manage message activity, distribution lists, storage usage, and
message traffic
Use System reports to monitor system performance through administrative access, events
on the system, port usage, and system configuration
View Cisco PA logs and counters
For additional information on the preceding topics, refer to these resources:
Cisco Unity System Administration Guide
White papers available at:
Chapter 7 of this book, “Cisco Unified Communications System Hardware”
Cisco Personal Assistant Administration Guide
Chapter Review Questions
Use this section to test yourself on how well you learned the concepts discussed in this chapter.
You can find the answers to the review questions for this chapter in Appendix A.
1 What are Cisco Unity real-time monitoring tools?
2 What information does the HTML-based Status Monitor application provide?
3 List the items to consider when maintaining a Cisco Unity server.
4 When generating a Cisco Unity report, which two file formats can you choose from to
have Cisco Unity generate the report?
5 When running a Cisco Unity report, if you suspect that it will be larger than 220 MB,
which file format should you use?
6 If there are some Cisco Unity reports in queue and an administrator stops Cisco Unity,
what happens to the reports?
Chapter Review Questions 171
A user is stating that their MWI does not turn on immediately after they receive a message
on their Cisco Unity voice mailbox. Which Cisco Unity Subscriber report can you run to
help troubleshoot this issue?
8 When you want to track which system administrator changed values in Cisco Unity and
what values they changed, which System report will help you track these changes?
9 Which Cisco Unity report will help you determine how many times callers simply hung
up from the opening greeting?
10 What are some of the PA statistics you can monitor by using Performance Monitor

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