354 Chapter 11: Unified Communications Backup and Utilities
Chapter Review Questions
Use this section to test yourself on how well you learned the concepts discussed in this chapter.
You can find the answers to the review question for this chapter in Appendix A.
1 A Standard Cisco Unity Backup should include what components?
2 When is the best time to perform backups of a Cisco Unity system?
3 Which utility can you use to view the flow patterns of call handlers that are configured in
the Cisco Unity database?
4 Suppose that you have ten subscribers in Cisco Unity and you would like to require them
to change their phone password the next time they log in. Which Cisco utility best helps
you to set this up quickly?
5 John Smith has two accounts in Exchange, one for voice mail only and the other for e-
mail. He would like to have only one account for both functions. Which Cisco Unity utility
can help you to consolidate these into one account for John?
6 Which Cisco Unity tool can you use to change the codec of all standard greetings and
voice names from G.711 to G.729?
7 Which Cisco Unity utility can examine the Cisco Unity database by performing a series
of checks on all call handler, subscriber, subscriber template, interview handler, location
and directory handler objects in the database?
8 When using Bridge networking with Cisco Unity, which reporting tool can show you the
amount of message traffic on your Bridge server?
9 If your organization has a Cisco Unity system integrated with a Cisco CallManager
system, and some calls are not going to the proper mailbox, which Cisco Unity tool can
you use to see call information that is received from CallManager?
10 If users are reporting that too many matches show up when they are using the dial-by-
name feature in Cisco PA, what can you do to reduce the number of matches?
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