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CISSP Exam Cram, Second Edition

Book Description

Updated for 2009

Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on your CISSP exam!

  • Build and manage an effective, integrated security architecture

  • Systematically protect your physical facilities and the IT resources they contain

  • Implement and administer access control

  • Use cryptography to help guarantee data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity

  • Secure networks, Internet connections, and communications

  • Make effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and execute them successfully

  • Address today’s essential legal, regulatory, and compliance issues

  • Master the basics of security forensics

  • Develop more secure applications and systems from the ground up

  • Use security best practices ranging from risk management to operations and auditing

  • Understand and perform the crucial non-technical tasks associated with IT security

  • CD Features Test Engine Powered by MeasureUp!

  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers

  • Multiple test modes

  • Random questions and order of answers

  • Coverage of each CISSP exam domain