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Citrix XenApp™ Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide, 3rd Edition

Book Description

The Only Official Guide to All Components of Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition

Citrix XenApp, the new name for Citrix Presentation Server, is an end-to-end Windows application delivery system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization, for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. It's the best access experience for any user. With the secure application architecture, organizations can centralize applications and data in secure data centers, reducing costs of management and support, increasing data security, and ensuring fast, reliable performance.

Build and maintain a scalable, cost-effective, and secure enterprise application delivery infrastructure with expert advice from the Citrix Product Development Team. Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide explains how to configure hardware and software and centrally manage enterprise resources. You'll learn to use Citrix Conferencing Manager, Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix Password Manager, and other tools. The book also includes in-depth coverage of advanced troubleshooting techniques, disk and memory tuning methods, and security strategies.

  • Deploy Citrix XenApp across a large enterprise successfully
  • Understand the network bandwidth requirements of server-to-server communication, and communication between Access Management Console and servers
  • Secure remote access with Citrix Access Gateway
  • Administer and customize Citrix Password Manager
  • Maximize the capabilities of Citrix Conferencing Manager
  • Secure Citrix XenApp using certificates, encryption, and smart cards
  • Configure Virtual IP addressing, PDA synchronization, and SpeedScreen browser acceleration
  • Gain insights from Citrix eLabs server load and capacity hardware testing

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Citrix XenApp™ Platinum Edition Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
  3. Copyright Page
  4. About the author
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Part I An Introduction to Citrix XenApp, Platinum Edition
    1. 1 Introduction to Citrix XenApp, Platinum Edition and Components
      1. Citrix XenApp, Platinum Edition
        1. Citrix XenApp Editions
        2. Citrix Conferencing Manager
      2. Citrix Access Gateway
        1. Advanced Access Control
      3. Citrix Password Manager
      4. Citrix Netscaler
        1. Load Balancer
        2. Application Accelerator
        3. Security
    2. 2 Server Configuration Design and Recommendations
      1. Hardware Configurations
        1. Improve Logon Performance—Enabling Disk Write Caching
        2. Effects of Varying the Number of CPUs of XenApp
        3. Performance Analysis of Blades versus Standalone Servers
        4. Advantages of Windows Server 2003 X64 Edition and Citrix XenApp X64
      2. Operating System Configurations Service Packs and Updates
      3. Teaming Network Interface Card Configurations
      4. Multihoming XenApp Configuring the Routing Table
    3. 3 Independent Management Architecture
      1. Ima Components
      2. Understanding Zones
        1. Sizing Zones and Data Collectors
        2. Automatic Farm Tuner
        3. Configure Data Collectors in Large Zones
        4. Data Collector Scalability in Large Farms
      3. Function of the Data Store in a Citrix XenApp Farm41
        1. Data Store Activity
        2. Data Store and License Server Connectivity
      4. Citrix XenApp Communication Bandwidth Requirements
        1. Bandwidth of Server-to-Data Store Communication
        2. Bandwidth of Data Collector Communication
        3. Application of IMA Bandwidth Formulas
        4. Idle Farm Communication
        5. Event-Based Communication
        6. New Data Collector Election
        7. Citrix Presentation Server Console Communication Bandwidth
        8. LHC Change Events
    4. 4 Data Store Design and Recommendations
      1. Data Store CPU Guidelines
        1. Objects in the Data Store
        2. The Size of Data Store Objects
        3. Data Store Hardware Guidelines
        4. Data Store Network Optimizations
        5. Data Store Guidelines
        6. Using Replicated Data Store Databases
      2. The Data Store Requirements
        1. Using Microsoft Access
        2. Using Microsoft SQL Server
        3. Using Oracle
        4. Using IBM DB2
      3. Large Farm Database Maintenance
      4. Replicating an SQL Server 2000 Database
        1. Setting Up the SQL Server Data Store for Distribution
        2. Multisubscriber Replication
        3. Promoting a Subscriber to a Publisher
        4. Oracle Replication on Oracle 9i and 10g
        5. Step 1: Configuring the Initialization Parameter
        6. Step 2: Setting Up Master Sites
        7. Step 3: Creating Necessary Schemas on Both Master Sites
        8. Step 4: Creating a Master Group
        9. Step 5: Starting Replication
      5. Implementing the Data Store in a Storage Area Network
        1. Fibre Channel Technology
        2. Hardware Components
        3. SAN Tape Backup Support
        4. Cluster Failover Support
        5. SAN Tuning
      6. Special Data Store Scenarios
        1. Using Indirect Mode to Access the Data Store
        2. Dedicating a Host Server in an Indirect Mode Server Farm
    5. 5 Citrix XenApp Deployment
      1. Updates for Citrix XenApp
        1. Installation Checklist
        2. Preinstallation Update Bulletin
        3. Remapping Server Drives
      2. Rapid Deployment of Citrix XenApp
        1. Blades in a Citrix XenApp Environment
        2. Server Cloning
        3. Simultaneous Installations
      3. Installation of Administrative Tools
        1. To Skip Installation of the Citrix Presentation Server Console
        2. To Install or Upgrade the Presentation Server Console on Standalone Servers
        3. To Install the Access Management Console on Standalone Servers
      4. Program Neighborhood Agent as a Pass-through Client
        1. Installation of Program Neighborhood Agent as a Pass-Through Client
      5. Deployment of the XenApp Client for 32-bit Windows
        1. Dynamic Client Name versus Machine Name
        2. CAB-Based Client Packages
    6. 6 Novell Directory Services Integration
      1. Implementing NDS Support in Citrix XenApp
        1. Planning Your Deployment of Citrix XenApp for NDS Support
        2. Farm Layout and System Requirements
        3. Installing Required Software
        4. Windows Account Authentication
        5. Configuring ZENworks for Desktops Settings for XenApp Support
        6. Configuring NDS Support in Citrix XenApp without ZENworks
        7. Enabling NDS Support in the Citrix XenApp Farm
    7. 7 Advanced Access Control
      1. Simulating a Traditional VPN Using Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition
        1. Network Resources
        2. Access Policies
        3. Connection Policy
      2. Split Tunneling in Citrix Access Gateway
        1. Optional Configurations
      3. Mutual Trust List in End Point Analysis
      4. Html Preview
        1. Adding Other File Types to Be Associated and Rendered through Existing Rendering Handlers
        2. Controlling Cache Behavior
      5. Making ICA File Modifications in Advanced Access Control
        1. Proxy Configuration
        2. Auto Client Reconnect
        3. Root Certificate for the Java Client
        4. Remapping Hot Keys
        5. Customizing Application Launch
      6. Manually Change the Location of the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Server Website
      7. Third-party Files in End Point Analysis
        1. Caveats
        2. Solution
        3. Creating an End Point Analysis Scan Package Containing Third-Party Files
        4. Configuring a Test Environment
        5. Adding Scan Package Rules for Internal/External Logon Points
        6. Testing the Internal Logon Point
        7. Testing the External Logon Point
    8. 8 Password Manager
      1. Deployment Models and Scenarios
        1. Citrix XenApp and Installation Management
        2. Active Directory Group Policy Objects
        3. File Share Deployment
        4. Understanding The License Behavior of Citrix Password Manager 4.0 and Later on the Citrix Licensing Server
        5. Licensing Operation Differences between Citrix Password Manager and Citrix XenApp
        6. Startup, Check-out, Check-in, Renewal, and Behavior
      2. Identity Verification Question with Citrix Password Manager
        1. Overview
        2. Issues
        3. Additional Notes
        4. Disabling the Default Identity Verification Question for Citrix Password Manager
          1. Forcing Users to Complete the First-time-use Wizard
          2. Hot Desktop Host Emulators Support
        5. Integrating Citrix Password Manager with a Distributed File System
          1. Step 1: Create a Domain DFS Root
          2. Step 2: Prepare the Shares for Citrix Password Manager
          3. Step 3: Create the DFS Link
          4. Step 4: Connecting to the Share from the Console
          5. Step 5: Distributed File System Replication
        6. Limit the Number of Days to Keep Track of Deleted Credentials
        7. Using Profiles (Roaming, Mandatory, and Hybrid) with Citrix Password Manager
          1. Local User Profiles
          2. Roaming User Profiles
          3. Mandatory User Profile/Hybrid Profile
          4. Folder Redirection
          5. Best Practices for Folder Redirection
        8. Using Redirected Application Data Folders and Citrix Password Manager
        9. Best Practices with Citrix Password Manager and the Novell Client
          1. Install the Latest Service Packs
          2. Novell Client Settings to Enhance Overall Performance
          3. Server-Side Settings
          4. Error Messages for Unavailable Services
        10. Citrix Password Manager and Entrust Integration
          1. Modify the AD Schema for Entrust
          2. Deploy Certification Authority
          3. Initialize Certification Authority
          4. Configure the Client
          5. Deploy the Citrix Password Manager Agent
        11. Citrix Password Manager Scalability and Performance
          1. Number of Users per Citrix XenApp
          2. Credential Synchronization Using NTFS File Share
          3. Credential Synchronization Using Microsoft Active Directory
          4. Network Bandwidth Utilization among Password Manager Agents, Active Directory Domain Controllers, and Password Manager Servers
        12. Determining which File Share Synchronization Point the Citrix Password Manager 4.x Agent will use as the Central Credential Store
        13. Increasing the Detection Time of Applications Without Window Titles
    9. 9 Conferencing Manager
      1. Citrix Conferencing Manager Architecture and Scalability
        1. Citrix Conferencing Manager Communications
        2. Sizing Citrix Conferencing Manager Servers
      2. Tuning Conferencing Manager Servers Users Are Members of 200 or More Active Directory Groups
      3. Uninstalling Conferencing Manager
        1. For an Unattended Uninstall
        2. To Uninstall Using Active Directory Services
        3. To Uninstall Using Installation Manager
      4. Troubleshooting Conference Manager
        1. How to Repair the Citrix Conference Room Component If the Published Application “Citrix Conference Room” Is Deleted or Renamed
        2. Error: Citrix Conference Room Failed to Start
        3. Error When Running InstallAddIncmd to Install the Outlook Add-in a DLL
    10. 10 Security Issues and Guidelines
      1. Securing Servers
        1. Control Physical Access
        2. Configuring the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Service
        3. Configuring XenApp Administrator Accounts
      2. Security Considerations for the Data Store
        1. Microsoft Access
        2. Microsoft SQL Server
        3. Oracle
        4. IBM DB2
      3. Securing Your Network Against Denial of Service (Dos) Attacks
      4. Securing The Presentation Server Console
      5. Secure Client Communication
      6. Smart Card Deployment
        1. Enabling Smart Card Support
        2. Configuring a Certificate Authority
        3. Smart Card Certificate Enrollment
        4. Smart Card Removal Options
        5. Miscellaneous
      7. Agent Security For Citrix Password Manager
        1. MMF File
        2. Method of Encryption
        3. Delete User’s Data Folder and Registry Keys When the Agent Is Shut Down (Previously DeleteOn-Shutdown) as a Security Mechanism
        4. Location of Files
      8. Using Console Settings to Secure the Agent
      9. Configuring Citrix Password Manager Administrative Access without being a Domain Administrator
        1. Configuring Access to the Central Store
        2. Running the Console
        3. Configuration of the Password Manager Service
        4. Automatic Key Recovery
        5. Self-Service Password Reset
        6. Citrix Password Manager Support for Strong Authentication
      10. Browser Security Considerations for Advanced Access Control
        1. Customizing Browser Security Settings
  10. Part II XenApp Platinum Edition: Administration, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    1. 11 Application Publishing and Deployment
      1. Publishing Applications
        1. MSI Considerations with Installation Manager
        2. Publishing in Domains with Thousands of Objects
        3. Working with the Content Redirection Feature
    2. 12 Advanced Multimedia, CPU and Memory Optimization, and Virtual IP Addressing
      1. Optimizing Speedscreen Browser Acceleration
        1. SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration and Internet Explorer
        2. Configuring SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration on the XenApp Client
      2. Speedscreen Browser Acceleration Limitations and Known Issues
        1. No Support for Transparent GIF Images
        2. Images Resized in HTML
      3. Media Formats Supported By Speedscreen Multimedia Acceleration
        1. Best Practices
      4. Speedscreen Multimedia Acceleration INI File Options
      5. Recording Sound in a Citrix XenApp Session
        1. Setting Up for Recording Audio
      6. Client Audio Mapping Virtual Driver
      7. Pda Synchronization
        1. Using ActiveSync in an ICA Session
        2. Publishing ActiveSync
        3. Additional Considerations
      8. Using Activesync 4.0
        1. Important Notes
        2. Sample .reg File
      9. Virtual IP
        1. How to Use Virtual IP
        2. How Virtual IP Works
        3. Configuring Virtual IP for Applications
      10. CPU Utilization Management
        1. License Requirement for CPU Utilization
        2. Changing the Default Values for CPU Utilization via the Registry
        3. Changing the CPU Share Allotment for a User
        4. Changing the CPU Reservation for Users
        5. Services Required for CPU Utilization
        6. Citrix CPU Utilization Mgmt/CPU Rebalancer Service
        7. Performance Counters to Monitor CPU Utilization
        8. Report Generation for CPU Utilization
      11. Virtual Memory Optimization
        1. License Requirement for Virtual Memory Optimization
        2. Exclusion List
        3. Services Required for Virtual Memory Optimization
        4. Scheduling of Memory Optimization
        5. Troubleshooting Tips
      12. Multiple-monitor Configuration Settings and Reference
        1. Citrix Multiple-Monitor Background
        2. Citrix Multiple-Monitor Server Configuration Prerequisites
        3. Citrix Multiple-Monitor Server Side Registry Settings
        4. Citrix Multiple-Monitor Client Side Settings
      13. Twain Redirection Support
        1. TWAIN Additional Considerations
        2. Sample .REG file
        3. Support for TWAIN Modes of Information Transfer
        4. Tested TWAIN Devices
        5. Supported XenApp Clients
    3. 13 Printer Management
      1. XenApp Print Architecture
        1. Client Printers
        2. Network Printers
        3. Local Printers
      2. Printer Driver Replication
        1. Managing the Printer Driver Replication Queue
        2. Driver Replication and Performance Issues
        3. Using Autoreplication
      3. Optimizing Printer Creation
        1. Controlling the Behavior of Autocreated Network Printers
      4. Session Printers Policy
        1. The New Session Printers Policy
        2. Session Printing Registry Settings
    4. 14 Farm Maintenance
      1. Consolidating Multiple License Files
      2. Cycle Booting XenApp
      3. Changing Farm Membership of Servers Using chfarm
      4. Backing Up and Restoring the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP1 Database
      5. Renaming a XenApp Server
      6. Uninstalling XenApp in Indirect Mode
      7. The Citrix Presentation Server Console
        1. Performance Considerations
        2. Adding a Server to Multiple Published Applications
        3. Using Server and Application Folders
      8. Access Management Console
        1. Configuring Data Refresh
      9. Load Management Tips
        1. Load-Balancing Published Applications in a Mixed Environment
        2. Tuning the Load Bias Level
        3. Performance Counters Utilized by Load Management
      10. Installation Management for Citrix XenApp
        1. Group Size Considerations
        2. Network Setup Recommendations
        3. WAN Recommendations
        4. Installation Manager Application Deployment Recommendations
        5. Description of a Package Deployment Process
      11. User Policies Best Practices
      12. User-to-user Shadowing Best Practices
      13. Enhanced Delegated Administration
        1. Delegated Administrator Tips
      14. Citrix Resource Management
        1. Resource Manager Database and Metric Server
        2. Local Resource Manager Database
        3. Farm Metric Server
        4. Alerts
        5. Summary Database
        6. Folders and Zones
        7. SDB_Scratch Table
        8. Data Purging
        9. Uploads to the Database Connection Server
        10. Considerations
        11. Summary Files
        12. SDB_Heuristics Table
      15. Report Center in the Access Management Console
        1. Copying Report Center Reports and Specifications to a Different Console
        2. Available Report Center Reports and Their Data Sources
      16. Considerations with Network Manager
        1. Network Manager SNMP Agent Issues
    5. 15 Password Manager Administration
      1. Accessing Logon Manager with a Disabled Tray Icon
      2. Automatic Key Recovery
        1. Migrating the V4 Secret from One Citrix Password Manager Service Machine to Another
        2. Comparison between Automatic Key Recovery and Existing Question-Based Key Recovery Methods
      3. Configuring and Managing a Hot Desktop Environment
        1. Bypassing Hot Desktop Mode
        2. Hot Desktop Shared Account Automatic Logon
      4. Configuring and Managing Self-service Processes (Password Reset and Account Unlock)
        1. A Sequence Flow of the Security Questions Registration Process
        2. A Sequence Flow of the Self-Service Process
        3. Special Privileges Required to Restrict the Self-Service Account
        4. Factors Influencing Registration and Reregistration
        5. Lockout Policies
      5. Citrix Password Manager—how to Migrate User Configurations from A Child Domain to a Parent Domain in an AD Forest
        1. Assumptions
        2. Warnings
        3. Procedure
      6. How to Use a Single Synchronization Point for Multiple Domains that Have an Established Trust Between them
      7. Preventing Users from Disabling the Citrix Password Manager Agent
      8. Setting the Citrix Password Manager Agent Launcher Delay
        1. Technical Background
        2. Configuring the Citrix Password Manager Agent Launcher Delay
    6. 16 Tuning and Optimizations
      1. Disk Optimizations
        1. I/O Locks
        2. Last Access Update
      2. Memory Optimizations
        1. Level 2 Cache
        2. Paging File
      3. Network Optimizations
        1. Network Cards
        2. Refused Connections
      4. Server Optimizations
        1. Auto-End Tasks
        2. Processes Preventing a Graceful Logoff
        3. System Hard Error Messages
        4. Dr. Watson
        5. Configuring the Event Log
        6. Configuring Print Job Logging
        7. RPC Services
      5. User Optimizations
        1. Windows Policies
        2. Profiles
        3. Menu Refresh
      6. Removal of Unnecessary Features
        1. Smooth Scrolling
        2. Microsoft Internet Explorer Wizard
        3. Explorer Tips
        4. Reduce ICA Traffic by Disabling the Windows Network Status Icon
      7. ICA Priority Packet Tagging
        1. Virtual Channel Priorities
        2. ICA Data Transmission
        3. Quality of Service Solutions
      8. Summary
    7. 17 XenApp Troubleshooting
      1. Troubleshooting IMA
        1. IMA Service Fails to Start
        2. IMA Service Fails to Stop
        3. ODBC Connection Fails
        4. XenApp Fails to Connect to the Data Store
        5. Failed to Initialize Permanent Storage During Installation
      2. Recovering from a Failed Installation
      3. Recovering an Unresponsive Server
      4. Resource Manager Troubleshooting Questions and Answers
        1. Resource Manager Summary Database Data Source Name
        2. Resource Manager Node Still Shows in Management Console after Being Uninstalled
        3. Alerts Regarding High-Context Switches/Second
        4. Zone Elections Counter
        5. Resource Manager Error Message: “[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-02074: Cannot ROLLBACK in a Distributed Transaction”
        6. Resource Manager Error Message: “Must Reparse Cursor to Change Bind Variable Datatype”
        7. Resource Manager Error Message: “Failed to Create Summary Database”
        8. Resource Manager Error Message: Multiple Duplicate Import Request Messages
      5. Troubleshooting Novell Directory Services Integration
        1. Novell Troubleshooting Tips
        2. Known Issues and Workarounds
      6. Collecting Citrix Technical Support Information
        1. Obtaining Installation/Uninstallation Logs
        2. Capturing Presentation Server Console Debug Output
        3. Obtaining System Information
        4. ODBC Tracing
        5. Installation Manager Debug Files
      7. Troubleshooting Frequently Encountered Obstacles
        1. Program Neighborhood Agent Cannot Connect through Secure Gateway for Citrix XenApp
        2. Cannot Launch Secure Web Interface for Citrix XenApp Application through Internet Explorer
        3. Folders Do Not Appear in Program Neighborhood
        4. Importing Network Printers from Other Domains
        5. Windows Server 2003 Issues, Recommendations, and Workarounds
      8. Troubleshooting Tips, Error Messages, and Conditions
        1. Presentation Server Console Fails to Launch
        2. PDA Synchronization Potential Issues and Workarounds
        3. Citrix XTE Service MaxThreads and Session Reliability
        4. Troubleshooting Disconnected Sessions
    8. 18 Troubleshooting the Other Platinum Edition Components
      1. Citrix Policies Overview
        1. Architecture Details
        2. Hierarchy
        3. Scalability
        4. Troubleshooting Policies
      2. Disable the Installation of Gotomeeting into a User Profile on XenApp
      3. Troubleshooting Access Gateway With Advanced Access Control
        1. Registering .NET Framework If IIS Is Not Installed First
        2. Verbose Scan Results for Citrix Advanced Access Control 4.5
      4. Troubleshooting the Citrix Password Manager Service
        1. Password Manager Service Frequently Asked Questions
        2. Service-Side Issues and Resolutions
        3. Console-Side Issues and Resolutions
        4. Agent-Side Issues and Resolutions
        5. Troubleshooting the Connection
        6. Data Integrity—Recovering from Data Corruption
        7. XTE Service Error Log
        8. ADFS Account Mapping or ADFS Shadow Accounts Cannot Unlock Their ADFS Session
  11. Part III Appendices
    1. A Error Messages
      1. IMA Error Codes
      2. XenApp Server Event Log Error Messages
    2. B Registered Citrix Ports
    3. C Tested Hardware
      1. Servers
      2. Client Machines
      3. Twain Testing
      4. Client Peripheral Device
      5. For Pda Synchronization
      6. Strong Authentication
      7. Bidirectional Audio Devices
      8. Wireless Network Interface Cards
      9. Printers
      10. Networking Devices
  12. Index