This view was set out by e.g. Gesner (1756: 309 – 15); Krüger (1760: 133); Köster (1765: 28); Fr. Gedike (1779: 150 f.); Snell (1782: 88 f.); Stuve (1783: 128); Campe (1788: 91); Beyschlag (1792, II: 66 f.). – The proposal only applied to the lowest grades. Most educationalists held that grammatical education would be useful once a natural, basic proficiency had been secured. After all, the grammar books recorded the very classical stylistic standards which it was Latin education’s task to convey.


J.A.B. Bergsträsser, ‚Vorschläge zur lateinischen Erziehung,’ in: Archiv für die ausübende Erziehungskunst, vol. 1, 1777: 206 – 42, here 212. – Having studied theology and philology in Jena and Halle, Bergsträsser worked as a teacher at the ...

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