By Eric Crichlow, April 5, 2019

A cartoon is represented as follows. A signboard reads, "welcome to Codeville." In a building next to it, the sheriff's office and the saloon are shown. A sheriff is present at the background.

I can easily recall the first job I had where they decided to transition to Agile. That was in 2008 at a company that had been acquired by a larger corporation. It was undergoing significant changes to its policies, procedures, and personnel. I can also remember a couple of other jobs where an emphasis was placed on Agile practices. The rituals were followed religiously: sprint planning, demo, sprint review… At one of them, every developer in the company was put through two days of Agile training with a certified Scrum Master. As a mobile developer, they had me write a mobile app for playing Agile Poker. ...

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