Converting into a Boolean

All values in JavaScript when converted into a Boolean will return true unless they are one of the seven falsy primitives (false, null, undefined, 0n, 0, "", and NaN), in which case they will return false.

To cast a value to a Boolean, we can simply pass the value to the Boolean constructor, invoking it as a function:

Boolean(0); // => falseBoolean(1); // => true

The language will coerce values to Booleans when the values exist in a Boolean context. Here are some examples of such contexts (each marked with HERE):

  • if ( HERE ) {...}
  • do {...} while (HERE)
  • while (HERE) {...}
  • for (...; HERE; ...) {...}
  • [...].filter(function() { return HERE })
  • [...].some(function() { return HERE })

This list is not exhaustive. There ...

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