Chapter Thirteen

Biodiesel From Queensland Bush Nut (Macadamia integrifolia)

A.K. Azad, M.G. Rasul, M.M.K. Khan, and S.C. Sharma     Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, QLD, Australia


Macadamia, an oil-enriched Queensland bush nut, is one of the Australian native species. In this study, crude vegetable oil was extracted from Macadamia nuts by the n-hexane (98%) method and converted to biodiesel by a transesterification reaction. The reaction utilized potassium methoxide as a catalyst with a reaction temperature of 60°C for 60 min. The physiochemical fuel properties of the crude vegetable oil and converted biodiesel were tested under the ASTM and EN standards and compared with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). The fatty acid methyl ...

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