17.8. Prediction of Properties of Blends

Polynomial curve fitting method is also a good approach to estimate the properties of other blends. This method is an attempt to describe the relationship between variable X as a function of available data and a response Y, which seeks to find a smooth curve that best fits the data. Mathematically, a polynomial of order k in X is expressed in the following form [1,17,50,51,7274]:

Table 17.6

Fatty Oil Composition of Biodiesel [1,8,48,50,63,64]

Name of Fatty OilStructureChemical Name of Fatty OilsJCMEJCMEJCMEJCMEPMEPMEPMEPMEPEME
LauricC12:0DodecanoicN/DN/DN/DN/D0.200.267 ...

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