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Clients, Clients, and More Clients

Book Description


With a Foreword by Michael Port, bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid

Clients, Clients, and More Clients arms you with powerful tools from the field of psychology for building every business connection into the kind of relationship that leads to referrals, joint ventures, and sustainable business growth.

“In this book—chock full of ideas at the intersection of marketing and psychology—Larina Kase shows you how to master the art of building relationships that drive new clients.”

—David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of Real-Time Marketing & PR

“Larina Kase has done a first-rate job of explicating many crucial elements of human psychology. But it is her instructive advice on how to harness that information profitably that elevates this book’s usefulness to great heights.”

—Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence: Science and Practice

“Larina Kase knows about social proof. You can tell by who she got to endorse the book. But go deeper. There’s lots of actionable information in here, and it will result in more business.”

—Chris Brogan, coauthor of Trust Agents and president of Human Business Works

“This book is ideal if you’ve ever wondered how to differentiate yourself from the crowd, how to really build relationships that pay off, and how to establish your expertise with ease. This is one book you will thank yourself in the future for!”

—Shama Kabani, author of the bestselling The Zen of Social Media Marketing

“If ‘who you know’ and making a meaningful connection with them is truly part of the success factor in business (and it is), I promise you that Larina Kase's Clients, Clients, and More Clients will have your phone ringing and e-mail box full of people who truly want to do business with you. A savvy, wise, and value-based text allows the reader to learn what few others understand: the Science and Art of Connecting. I've read and reviewed a dozen books on building a solid client base. Most completely miss the target. This book is a handbook to meet, connect with, and build a valuable relationship with just about anyone you want to.”

—Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., author of The Science of Influence and The Psychology of Persuasion

“This is a remarkable, readable, and instantly practical book packed with leading-edge tips on attracting new clients fast. I loved it!”

—Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor

“In Clients, Clients, and More Clients, Larina Kase shows you how to find and influence prospects so they’ll understand the value of your work and readily do business with you. The research-based strategies in this important and engaging book are worth any businessperson’s time, close study, and dedicated application. The book is true to its promises."

—Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation and author of Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content

Clients, Clients, and More Clients is a must-read for every sales executive, sales manager, and company executive. This is not your typical how-to sales guide, as it digs deep into how to change a losing sales strategy into a winning success. Larina uncovers the psychology behind the sales mentality, and breaks the process down, step-by-step; making it crystal clear the direction you’ll need to take to achieve long-term success.”

—Shawn Jennings Edgington, CIC, CEO, and founder of Granite Insurance Brokers, Cyber Safety Academy Fundraiser, and author of The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1 How Do I Initiate Relationships That Get Results?
    1. Chapter 1 Make the Right Connections—People Look for Those Who Fill a Need
      1. Why We Don’t Get Out and Meet People
      2. Finding the Right People
      3. Filling a Need
      4. Initiating Conversations
    2. Chapter 2 Grab Attention—People Are Drawn to These Five Things
      1. How Attention Works
      2. Attention Grabber 1: Visual Imagery
      3. Attention Grabber 2: Unexpected Elements
      4. Attention Grabber 3: Meaning
      5. Attention Grabber 4: Relevance and Clarity
      6. Attention Grabber 5: Emotion
    3. Chapter 3 Engage Emotion—People Respond to Feelings, Stories, and Metaphors
      1. Evoke Positive Emotions
      2. The Sound of Your Brand
      3. Tell Stories to Engage Emotion
      4. Use Metaphors to Engage Emotion
    4. Chapter 4 Establish Credibility—People Want to Work with Trustworthy Experts
      1. What Determines Credibility?
      2. Know Your Audience
      3. Credibility and Your Brand
      4. Establish Expertise
  9. Part 2 How Do I Create Meaningful Connections That Last?
    1. Chapter 5 Be Memorable—People Can Be Aware of Only a Few Things at a Time
      1. How Do You Get into Memory?
      2. Make Yourself Memorable
      3. Now Get Recognized
    2. Chapter 6 Follow Up—People Are Comforted by Consistency
      1. The Problem of Inconsistent Follow-Up
      2. The Magic Recipe
      3. The Trust Factor
      4. Staying Focused and Motivated When Results Aren’t Immediate
    3. Chapter 7 Give Value—People Quickly Determine Whether Something Is Helpful
      1. Becoming Fluent and Providing Value
      2. Generating Automated Content
    4. Chapter 8 Stimulate Discussion—People Become Invested When They’re Involved
      1. Engaging Is Everything
      2. Be Affective to Be Effective
      3. If You Aren’t Relatable, You’re Invisible
      4. Simple Is Superior
  10. Part 3 How Do I Influence People to Refer to Me, Hire Me, and Buy from Me?
    1. Chapter 9 Use Social Proof—People Look to Certain Others to Decide What to Do
      1. Who Are We Most Influenced By?
      2. Use Similarities to Gain Clients and Referral Partners
      3. Use Numbers to Gain Clients and Referral Partners
      4. Use Social Proof to Resolve Ambivalence or Objections
      5. Enhancing Outcomes
    2. Chapter 10 Give First—People Naturally Reciprocate Genuine Support
      1. Give When You Mean It
      2. Give Thought to Your Opening
      3. Give without Giving Everything Away
      4. Give Compliments and Concessions
      5. Give Gratitude
      6. Give Back
    3. Chapter 11 Simplify Everything—People Deliberate on the General and Act on the Specific
      1. Why People Buy
      2. No Choice or a Handful of Choices?
      3. Which Option Will People Choose?
    4. Chapter 12 Influence Action—People Decide in the Opposite Way of What You’d Think
      1. What Happens When Heart and Mind Are in Conflict?
      2. Is the Decision to Hire or Buy from You Complex or Simple?
      3. Strike While the Iron’s Hot (or Not)
  11. References
  12. Index
  13. About the Author