Efficiently compressing a byte array

Compressing a byte array is a matter of recognizing repeating patterns within a byte sequence and devising a method that can represent the same underlying information to take advantage of these discovered repetitions.

To get a rough idea of how this works, imagine having a sequence as:

["a" "a" "a" "b" "b" "b" "b" "b" "b" "b" "c" "c"]

It is intuitively more efficient to represent this as:

[3 times "a", 7 times "b", 2 times "c"]

Now, we are going to use a methodology based on a well-known algorithm, that is, the LZ77 compression method. LZ77 is, despite being quite old, the basis of most of all the well-known and currently used compression methods, especially the Deflate algorithm.


Deflate is at the heart of the ...

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