Comparative visualizations

Q-Q plots provide a great way to compare a measured, empirical distribution to a theoretical normal distribution. If we'd like to compare two or more empirical distributions with each other, we can't use Incanter's Q-Q plot charts. We have a variety of other options, though, as shown in the next two sections.

Box plots

Box plots, or box and whisker plots, are a way to visualize the descriptive statistics of median and variance visually. We can generate them using the following code:

(defn ex-1-22 [] (-> (c/box-plot (->> (honest-baker 1000 30) (take 10000)) :legend true :y-label "Loaf weight (g)" :series-label "Honest baker") (c/add-box-plot (->> (dishonest-baker 950 30) (take 10000)) :series-label "Dishonest baker") (i/view))) ...

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