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Clojure Inside Out

Video Description

Why is Clojure the most interesting new language on the horizon? With this video, you’ll not only learn how to tackle real problems with this functional language, you’ll learn how to thinkin Clojure—and why you should want to. Neal Ford (software architect and meme wrangler at ThoughWorks) and Stuart Halloway (CEO of Relevance, Inc.) show you what makes programming with Clojure swift, surgical, and accurate.

Table of Contents

  1. None
    1. Introduction 00:33:08
    2. Data 00:19:29
    3. Code Part 1 00:41:29
    4. Code Part 2 00:34:45
    5. Functions Part 1 00:34:13
    6. Functions Part 2 00:46:49
    7. Abstraction 00:33:45
    8. Concurrency Part 1 00:18:06
    9. Concurrency Part 2 00:22:04
    10. JVM Interop 00:30:54
    11. Integration 00:37:44
    12. Wrap-up 00:00:30