Close Up Photography in Nature

Book description

Capturing the grandeur of landscapes or mood of a certain natural light is challenging but often the simple details of a texture or color evade photographers most of all. In Close Up Photography in Nature, best-selling authors and nature photography pros, John and Barbara Gerlach, share the tips and techniques necessary to successfully photograph the beauty all around you. 

The Gerlachs are celebrated teachers who understand a photographer's mind so they begin this book with a brief overview of the fundamentals before delving into some of the more advanced and unique challenges of close up photography. Topics covered include: advanced flash techniques specific for close up shooting, as well as a discussion on focus stacking strategies and tilt-shift lenses for getting maximum depth-of-field. The Gerlachs also discuss their strategy of mixing flash with natural light when shooting close up, which opens up all sorts of photographic possibilities – opening up shadows, creating shadows, separating the subject from the background, reducing contrast between the subject and the background, improving the color rendition, shooting sharper images, and much more. This book will change the way you see the world as well as the way you share it through your work! the world through your work!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 Cameras and Lenses
    1. Crop Factor vs. Full-frame Cameras
    2. Features to Look for in a Camera
    3. Taking Advantage of Camera Options
    4. Lenses and Accessories
    5. Final Thoughts
  9. Chapter 2 Exposure Essentials
    1. Avoiding Common Exposure Mistakes
    2. The Averaging Histogram and Highlight Alert
    3. JPEG and RAW Image Considerations
    4. The Ideal JPEG Exposure
    5. The Ideal RAW Exposure
    6. The RGB Histogram
    7. Clipping on the Left
    8. How Images Lose Highlight Detail
    9. Metering Modes
    10. The Language of Stops
    11. Exposure Modes
    12. Exposure Modes and Metering Modes
    13. Automatic Exposure Using Live View
    14. Manual Exposure Techniques
    15. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 3 Shooting Sharp Images
    1. Focus Properly—Manual Focus is Preferred
    2. Reduce Camera Motion and Its Effects
    3. Reduce Subject Motion and Its Effects
    4. Use Focus Stacking
    5. Tripods
    6. Tripod Heads
    7. Lens Plates
    8. Dedicated L-brackets
    9. Tripods, the Environment, and Camera Steadiness
    10. Focusing
    11. Optimum Apertures
    12. Shoot a Little Looser
    13. Subject Plane and Sensor Plane Should Be Parallel
    14. Keep Still!
    15. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Plamp!
    16. Focus Stacking
    17. Using Flash
    18. Image Stabilization
  11. Chapter 4 Light and Color
    1. The Role of Light
    2. Qualities of Light
    3. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 5 The Power of Flash
    1. Ambient Light Defined
    2. Advantages of Flash
    3. Applications of Flash in Close-up Photography
    4. How the Flash Works
    5. Flash Basics
    6. Close-up Flash Techniques
    7. Specific Flash Techniques
    8. Main Flash
    9. Balanced Flash
    10. Camera-mounted Flash
    11. Should the Flash be Diffused?
    12. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 6 Photographing Flowers
    1. Something Extra!
    2. How Do You Photograph Flowers?
    3. Focus Stacking Techniques
  14. Chapter 7 Special Photo Techniques for Butterflies and Dragonflies
    1. How to Find Butterflies and Dragonflies
    2. Find the Optimum Subjects
    3. A Successful Morning
    4. What about the Dragonflies?
    5. Attracting Butterflies with Flowers
    6. Photographing Active Butterflies in the Wild
    7. Butterfly Houses
  15. Chapter 8 What’s in Our Camera Bags?
    1. Barbara’s Bag
    2. John’s Bag
    3. Why Do We Use This Gear?
  16. Appendix: Resources
    1. Custom Macro Accessories
    2. Photography Workshops
    3. Photo Stacking Software
    4. Books
    5. Web Sites
    6. Magazines
    7. Photographic Equipment
  17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Close Up Photography in Nature
  • Author(s): John Barbara Gerlach
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781135046583