Chapter 8. Using Google Web Services


  • Learning about Google's range of cloud-based services

  • Understanding Google's search model

  • Using Google's services in your own applications

  • Discovering the Google App Engine PaaS cloud service

Google is the prototypical cloud computing services company, and it supports some of the largest Web sites and services in the world. In this chapter, you learn about Google's applications and services for users and the various developer tools that Google makes available.

At the center of Google's core business is the company's search technology. Google uses automated technology to index the Web. It makes its search service available to users as a standard search engine and to developers as a collection of special search tools limited to various areas of content. The application of Google's searches to content aggregation has led to enormous societal changes and to a growing trend of disintermediation.

The most important commercial part of Google's activities is its targeting advertising business: AdWords and AdSense. Google has developed a range of services including Google Analytics that supports its targeted advertising business.

Google applications are cloud-based applications. The range of application types offered by Google spans a variety of types: productivity applications, mobile applications, media delivery, social interactions, and many more. The different applications are listed in this chapter. Google has begun to commercialize some ...

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