Chapter 1

Understanding the Cloud


check Deconstructing cloud concepts

check Discovering resource pools/cloud models and services

check Evaluating the role of the data center

check Finding out how the public cloud fits and when the private cloud shines

There is no debate about it: The cloud is helping to change every business in every industry. The key attributes of the cloud — on-demand access to compute and storage, limitless scaling, and flexible pricing — have allowed startups to challenge well-established industry stalwarts. Likewise, the cloud has enabled established businesses to add new capabilities and transform business process at the speed of change.

The first phase of cloud adoption was mostly about cutting costs and changing technology spend from a capital expense to an operating expense. For many years, cloud vendors were focused on reducing costs for commodity compute and storage. While reducing costs is still a major driver of cloud adoption, companies are now leveraging cloud services to transform their businesses. Most companies have pragmatically adopted a hybrid cloud ...

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