Chapter 13

Managing Data Storage in the Cloud


check Getting acquainted with cloud storage

check Implementing hybrid cloud storage

check Preparing for change

Data storage is a prime concern for businesses and can be complex and expensive. There are many considerations when it comes to data storage. A small sampling of the typical storage questions includes

  • How often will the data be accessed?
  • When should the data be deleted?
  • Where geographically should the data be stored?
  • What is the data backup plan?

These concerns don’t go away within a cloud environment. In fact, in many ways the movement to the cloud can complicate data storage because there are many more choices in the cloud, the scale of data may be much greater, and managing data across on premises and private, public, and hybrid clouds can be much more challenging.

While many businesses are investigating a multicloud approach to data storage, many questions need to be answered. When should you keep data in your private cloud or data center? When is it appropriate to store data in a public cloud environment? How are the storage options going to impact important issues such as latency, availability, security, and governance? ...

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