Chapter 19

Ten Cloud Do’s and Don’ts


check Planning for consistency

check Having the right management plan

check Avoiding pitfalls

check Moving forward without looking back

Many companies that have begun to move into the cloud don’t do a lot of planning. Executives in different business units began to use public cloud services out of frustration because of inefficiencies in the IT organization. Over time, the cloud has taken a front seat in the way the overall business is approaching its future of computing platforms.

It is increasingly clear that it is no longer good practice to simply move ahead with cloud services without a plan. Without careful planning things will invariably go wrong. In this chapter, we give you some ideas about what you should do and what you should avoid as you begin your journey to the cloud.

Do Plan for Cloud Native

As your cloud strategy matures, you should begin to think about building services based on a cloud native architecture. One of the benefits of cloud native is that you are building services that are designed specifically to operate in the cloud. A key ...

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