Chapter 12
Windows Azure Management
Manage an SQL Database
Manage the Windows Azure
Monitor the services
12.1 Introduction
For database administrators, database management is the main job assignment. ey need to
address issues related to user accounts and security, database backup and restoration, and database
performance tuning. A database administrator is responsible for database system update, remote
access, security enforcement, database backup and restoration, monitoring and tuning database
performance, data analysis for decision making, supporting database applications, and other daily
maintenance tasks.
In Windows Azure, the work on managing storage services and SQL Database can be sig-
nificantly simplified. In the Windows Azure computing environment, database backup and res-
toration are mostly done by Windows Azure. Database administrators do not need to carry out
database backup tasks. An SQL database is automatically replicated to multiple physical servers.
e performance tuning on IT infrastructure is done by the cloud provider. ere is no need to
decide which file should be placed to which hard drive. Also, the cloud provider takes care of most
of the antivirus tasks.
In this chapter, we will explore some of the management tools and issues related to the manage-
ment of Windows Azure storage and SQL Database. ree commonly used tools are available for
managing the Windows Azure and Windows Azure SQL Database. As a GUI-based management
tool, the Windows Azure Management Portal can be used to manage applications and databases
hosted by Windows Azure. As a programming alternative, the Service Management API provides
operations that can perform much of the functionality available through the Management Portal.
As a command-line tool, Windows Azure Service Management PowerShell provides cmdlets that
can perform operations usually done with the Windows Azure Service Management API. With

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