Cloud Foundry LiveLessons Video Training

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4+ Hours of Video Instruction

Learn now to develop, deploy, and manage applications on Cloud Foundry.


Cloud Foundry LiveLessons provides an introduction to the Cloud Foundry platform. The 11 lessons introduce fundamentals concepts, principles and best practices in Cloud Foundry and cloud-native architecture. You use Cloud Foundry to develop on a public-cloud, deploy and manage applications, integrate with back-services, interact with the Cloud Foundry API, extend the platform with service-brokers, and extend the platform with route-services.

About the Instructors

Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal and Java Champion, is a lead author, or co-author, on five books on Spring for Apress and O'Reilly, a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, a JavaOne rockstar, and also the instructor on three Spring LiveLessons videos. He is a contributor to various Spring projects (including Spring Boot) and an all-around Spring fan. When he's not hacking on code for SpringSource, he can be found at the local Java User Group or at the local coffee shop. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include scalability, BPM, grid.processing, mobile computing, and so-called "smart" systems. He blogs at or You can follow Josh on Twitter @starbuxman.

Josh McKenty, VP Global Ecosystem Engineering at Pivota is an entrepreneur and technologist who works with Fortune 100 customers that seek to transition to a cloud native architecture and, with Pivotal's Cloud Foundry team, to bring new features and functionality to Cloud Foundry-based products, the industry-standard enterprise platform for the cloud era. A San Francisco Business Times 40-Under-40 Leader and NASA Ames Honor Award recipient, McKenty has been instrumental in defining and bringing cloud solutions to market. He co-founded OpenStack, the definitive open cloud solution for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Piston (acquired by Cisco), which provides OpenStack-based private cloud solutions for marquee enterprises across industries. As the founding Chief Architect, McKenty led the development of NASA Nebula, the federal government's first cloud computing platform.

Skill Level

Intermediate to advanced developer

Learn How To

  • Orchestrate VMs and containers
  • Get Cloud Foundry
  • Use multi-tenancy
  • Install Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Using Cloud Foundry Controller REST API, curl, and Java client
  • Do monitoring and logging
  • Do scaling and autoscaling
  • Route services
  • Implement continuous integration and delivery pipelines
  • Use BOSH
  • Use service brokers

Who Should Take This Course

Developers wishing to learn how to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the Cloud Foundry platform

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Cloud Foundry LiveLessons Video Training: Introduction 00:00:41
  2. Lesson 1: Basic Concepts in Cloud Native
    1. Topics 00:00:17
    2. 1.1 Cloud Native: Come With Me If You Want To Live 00:05:57
    3. 1.2 Adopting Cloud Native: 12 factors, 4 abstractions, and the Cloud Native Maturity Model 00:08:47
    4. 1.3 Why I Hate Cloud Foundry (the evil necessity of microservices) 00:07:01
  3. Lesson 2: Cloud Foundry–For Your Organization
    1. Topics 00:00:24
    2. 2.1 History and Governance of Cloud Foundry (CF) 00:01:43
    3. 2.2 The wonder and glory of CF for big companies 00:02:03
    4. 2.3 All the ways to get Cloud Foundry 00:00:43
    5. 2.4 Multi-tenancy: Routes, Spaces, Org 00:04:12
  4. Lesson 3: Cloud Foundry and Apps
    1. Topics 00:00:14
    2. 3.1 Hello World, in Spring on Cloud Foundry 00:06:23
    3. 3.2 App Manager, Scaling, and Binding 00:18:48
    4. 3.3 User Provided Services 00:09:20
    5. 3.4 Metabuildpacks 00:07:00
    6. 3.5 Manifest Files 00:03:45
    7. 3.6 CF PUSH DOCKER 00:03:52
  5. Lesson 4: A Cloud Foundry for All Seasons and Reasons
    1. Topics 00:00:22
    2. 4.1 Handwave around PCF-Dev 00:02:17
    3. 4.2 Installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform 00:20:58
    4. 4.3 >cf target $PRODUCTION - GCP 00:08:27
  6. Lesson 5: The Programmable Platform
    1. Topics 00:00:16
    2. 5.1 The Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller REST API 00:01:38
    3. 5.2 CF curl 00:02:33
    4. 5.3 The Cloud Foundry Java Client 00:20:35
  7. Lesson 6: Observability
    1. Topics 00:00:32
    2. 6.1 Susan Fowler on Observability, App Monitoring, Platform Monitoring, the intersection 00:02:41
    3. 6.2 Loggregator - architecture 00:07:47
    4. 6.3 Log drains 00:02:56
    5. 6.4 Custom Logging Java Client 00:01:21
    6. 6.5 Correlated logging in AppsManager 00:02:35
    7. 6.6 APMS 00:08:49
    8. 6.7 New Relic 00:07:13
  8. Lesson 7: Elasticity
    1. Topics 00:00:13
    2. 7.1 cf scale 1 00:05:25
    3. 7.2 Autoscaling using the built-in autoscaler 00:05:13
    4. 7.3 A custom autoscaler using queue depth 00:25:25
  9. Lesson 8: Routing and Load Balancing
    1. Topics 00:00:26
    2. 8.1 How routing works in CF 00:10:04
    3. 8.2 Route services 00:03:27
  10. Lesson 9: BOSH
    1. Topics 00:00:17
    2. 9.1 You didn’t have anything else planned this week 00:06:25
    3. 9.2 Runs basically *everywhere* thanks to BOSH CPI 00:01:56
    4. 9.3 BOSH Lite 00:01:13
    5. 9.4 Finding and deploying an existing release (PivNet,, cf community and incubator, Kafka OSS) 00:07:42
    6. 9.5 Deploying a release 00:04:53
    7. 9.6 Bosh-docker release, Bosh-ansible, Bosh-habitat 00:02:31
    8. 9.7 BOSH add-ons 00:00:53
    9. 9.8 Lesson wrap up 00:01:14
  11. Lesson 10: Service Brokers
    1. Topics 00:00:23
    2. 10.1 OSBA 00:01:15
    3. 10.2 Taking advantage of SBs in the community 00:01:41
    4. 10.3 Writing a custom SB with Spring Cloud Cloud Foundry Service Broker 00:34:17
  12. Summary
    1. Cloud Foundry LiveLessons Video Training: Summary 00:01:06

Product information

  • Title: Cloud Foundry LiveLessons Video Training
  • Author(s): Josh McKenty, Josh Long
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 013483612X