Chapter 5. Installing and Configuring Cloud Foundry

This chapter explores the steps required for bootstrapping BOSH and installing the Cloud Foundry BOSH release. The general topic of how to install Cloud Foundry is nuanced and varied, depending on the approach taken. Nonetheless, there are some fundamental patterns required to achieve a new deployment of Cloud Foundry, and the steps for deploying Cloud Foundry are broadly the same regardless of the IaaS platform or the specific tooling used.

This chapter walks you through setting up Cloud Foundry along with the following key concerns and decision points:

  • Using bosh-bootloader

  • Installing Cloud Foundry

  • Growing the platform

  • Validating platform integrity in production

  • Logical environment structure (Orgs and Spaces)

  • Deploying an application

This chapter assumes that you are familiar with the Cloud Foundry components discussed in Chapter 3. It also assumes that you are familar with the basics of Cloud Foundry’s release-engineering tool chain, BOSH (a recursive acronym meaning BOSH outer shell). I will provide you with all of the required BOSH commands for provisioning Cloud Foundry; however, if you would like a deeper overview of BOSH, feel free to jump ahead to Chapter 10.

The Canonical Approach to Bootstrapping Cloud Foundry

Until recently, there was no canonical way of getting up and running with BOSH and Cloud Foundry. Many open source approaches exist, such as Stark and Wayne’s genesis. Commercial products also exist ...

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